Water Quality Monitoring 

Carliane Johnson with SeaJay Environmental led a water quality monitoring team with the San Francisco Estuary Institute to collect watershed samples as part of the James V. Fitzgerald Project Area of Special Biological Significance Pollution Reduction Program. The data were used to evaluate differences in contaminant concentrations from stormwater discharges into this marine reserve. The reserve is recognized as one of the richest, most biodiverse intertidal environments on the California coast.

Permitting Support to the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary 

Carliane Johnson with SeaJay Environmental provided permitting support to the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary (GFNMS) related to proposed research, education and salvage projects. Also coordinated the White Shark Stewardship Program, attended GFNMS and community meetings, and assisted with other resource protection activities such as helping to develop modifications to the San Francisco Traffic Separation Scheme and responding to vessel groundings.

Whale Conservation Efforts - Preventing Ship Strikes 

SeaJay Environmental staff created a SQL database to support and analyze Automatic Information System (AIS) data. The queries on the data were used by the National Marine Fisheries Service's Office of Protected Resources to assess the effectiveness of a rule requiring vessels 65 feet and greater in length to slow their speeds to 10 knots or less near key port entrances along the U.S. Eastern seaboard and in certain North Atlantic right whale aggregation sites known as Seasonal Management Areas. From the database, SeaJay Environmental also created reports on hundreds of vessels that were then emailed monthly to seventeen international shipping companies to help them ensure compliance of United States law within their fleets.

Marine Invasive Species Assessment

SeaJay Environmental provided dive support to the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center during an invasive species survey in the kelp forests between Monterey and Carmel, California, and within the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Counted invasive species (primarily Watersipora) in 1-meter quadrats along 25-meter-long transect lines.

Carliane received her B.Sc in Biology and Chemistry from Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida. She is trained and certified as a science diver under the NOAA Diving Program, and as a search and recovery diver for the Alameda County (CA) Sheriff's Department. She is certified as a Protected Species Observer through training provided by Geo-Marine, Inc. in Plano, Texas, in 2012.

Carliane is also an experienced sailor and solo racer with her 38-foot sailboat, Kynntana. This culminated in a second place division finish in the Singlehanded TransPacific Yacht race, a 16-day solo transit from San Francisco to Kauai, then a 21-day sail back to San Francisco with two crew (July - August 2018).

Regulatory and Policy Support from land to sea

​​Fort Irwin Flora Planning Level Surveys 

SeaJay Environmental provided safety and botanical support services to RJRudy LLC (www.rjrudyllc.com) during field surveys at the U.S. Army's National Training Center in Fort Irwin, California. The work consisted of daily safety briefings followed by field surveys conducting plant transects within 284 one-hectare plots, 11 springs, 10 playas and approximately 30 additional areas of interest on the base. Remote data were collected using ArcGIS Collector on an iPad. Voucher specimens were also collected.



​Offshore Renewable Energy

SeaJay Environmental is conducting research and collecting environmental data for an offshore wind energy project. The effort will be used to better understand conditions at the offshore lease site and to support the required environmental and operational documentation that will be required under the National Environmental Policy Act and the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act.

Federal Regulatory and Energy Policy Support

Carliane Johnson with SeaJay Environmental provides on-call consulting services to Shell Exploration & Production providing regulatory support and conducting research on various topics (e.g., marine sound, protected species, air and water permitting, proposed federal regulations, artificial reefs) pertinent to Shell’s domestic offshore oil and gas activities in the Gulf of Mexico. 


Offshore Safety Workshops 

SeaJay Environmental organized an industry workshop with the Offshore Operators Committee (OOC) to understand the scope of medical evacuation assets, practices, and available procedures in federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico. A workshop report was prepared on the identified best management practices and gaps related to medical evacuation from offshore facilities. 

SeaJay Environmental also organized another workshop with the OOC related to sand blasting and surface coating operations in the marine environment. The purpose of that workshop was to obtain best management practices from offshore operators and their contractors related to procedures used to minimize the discharge of spent blast abrasives and paint overspray in the Gulf of Mexico. 


International Regulatory Support 

Carliane Johnson with SeaJay Environmental worked with Walsh Perú S.A. to prepare a document for an energy client for the permitting process. The report summarized the applicable international legal framework pertaining to the discharge of drill cuttings containing non-aqueous drilling residues and issues related to the potential use of thermal-treatment technology to clean those cuttings. 

​Incident Response 

SeaJay Environmental provided incident response support to O'Brien's Response Management during the Enbridge pipeline spill near Marshall, Michigan. Carliane Johnson with SeaJay Environmental evaluated proposed oil treatment options for environmental effects on marsh and wetland habitats. Standard operating procedures were also prepared for the use of sediment curtains and gabion boxes; and for site preparation, soil removal and disposal activities of contaminated sediments. She reviewed quality assurance plans to ensure compliance with federal and state environmental requirements.

Incident and Risk Management Training

Carliane Johnson with SeaJay Environmental provides 40-hour training in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) and oil spill incident response training to the energy and marine transportation industries as a subcontractor with Weber Readiness (www.weberready.com).

Invasive bryozoan, Watersipora subtorquata, in Monterey Bay, California. (Photo by Steve Lonhart)

About Us

Comprehensive technical and policy support for energy and environmental projects


SeaJay Environmental is a woman-owned, small business consulting firm that specializes in analyzing energy and environmental policies, providing regulatory compliance support, preparing environmental impact assessments, storm water monitoring, pollution prevention planning, stakeholder engagements, workshop facilitation, and other direct project management support.

SeaJay Environmental provides high quality, time sensitive and cost-effective services to clients. We have served government agencies, non-profit organizations and commercial entities since our founding in 2007.

We also work with a network of environmental experts across the sciences and engineering disciplines to meet the demands of more complex projects while maintaining value and responsiveness to clients. This effective operating model is very conducive to providing high quality services without excessive overhead.

Industry-Government dive expedition to Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary in the Gulf of Mexico, and to High Island 389-A platform, which was being considered at the time for decommissioning as a possible artificial reef. (Photo by Carliane Johnson)

Carliane Johnson

As the owner and principal consultant for SeaJay Environmental, Carliane brings more than 25 years of experience in energy policy, regulatory support and environmental consulting.

Collecting data during plant surveys at Fort Irwin Army Base. (Photo by Kent Hughes)

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